Know Our Hospital




Mardin Public Hospital Firstly in 1967, Old Mardin (in Upper Mardin) was established. Second Hospital as a 150-bed Planned to be constructed,Hospital Construction was started in 1991 and the building was opened in 2005 in newcity. Later, the hospital construction started on 08.03.2012 as a 300-bed hospital. Our hospital has been operating in 10.08.2015.

1-Our hospital has a total construction area of 45973 m2 ,


2-Total Parcel Area (49351,42) 13285.41 M2 Grass Field is separated 2500 trees are placed in total.


3-Open Area Car Parking Area as a Main Construction Area 35316m2 and 100m2 is calculated as 1 Parking. Total number of parking lots is 375 .


4-Our hospital consists of 7 blocks in total (A1.A2, C, B1, B2, D1, D2) .


5-Hospital (Nuclear Medicine, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Infected Patient, Kitchen Entrance, Service Entry, Shelter and Closed Car Parking Entrance, Emergency Room Standing Patient Entrance, Emergency Room Entrance, Hospital Entrance Polyclinic Entry and Input) are found.


6-There are 5 different applications on the exterior facade of our hospital such as Balmoral Granite Stone Coating, Aluminum Curtain Wall, Mechanical Compact Dressing, Composite Dressing, Sheathing + Plaster.


7-Our Hospital's Structural Landscaping Ways and Sidewalks There are Vacuum Concrete Application, Some of the Tretrodes Andezite Stone Coating Some Part of the Road and Car Parking Borders are Applied as Andesite.


8-B1 and B2 Blocks are composed of B + Z + 6 Floor ..B2 Pharmacy in the Basement of the Block, Drug Depot. Clinical Laboratory.B1 Block Basement Dialysis Hall, Hepatitis BC Patient Rooms, Rabies Isolation Room is Located, Ground + 6 Floor Patient Bed Designed as Multiples.


9- C Block B + Z + 6 + MECHANICAL FLOOR is formed of Tan. The basement floor consists of Worship, Archive, Electrical Main Board Room, Administrative Rooms on the Ground Floor and Visitor Waiting Room, Administrative Rooms and Visitor Waiting Stands on 1st and 2nd Floor, 3,4,5,6. .Kat So Mechanical floors are available.


10- A1-A2 Blocks are composed of B + Z + 2 Floor Tan. Basement Floor, Dining Hall, Laundry. Shelter, Boiler Room, Warehouses, Morgue, (Azot.Basınçlı Air.Oksijen.Lpg, Vacuum Rooms), Medical and Domestic Waste, Workshops, Modular Cold Storages are available. The ground floor is designed as an emergency department of the hospital . "1. Residence and Intensive Care is designed as solid. Management Offices, Meeting Room, Conference Room ( 150 Persons), Air Conditioning Units, Department, Sterilization, Library, Dining Hall, Information Processing Room, Administrative Room, Administrative Archive Room.


11- D1-D2 Blocks are composed of B + Z + 2 Floor Tan. Ketem Nuclear Medicine on the Basement Floor, Radio Active Medical Waste, X-ray Rooms, Ultrasound Rooms, Tomography, Mammography, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Physiotherapist. Gynecologist, Usg, Bone Dancer. Film And Bath, Massage Room. Floor Floor Inspection Rooms, Ekg Room, Blood Collection. Cardiology Polyclinic, ENT, Skin, Orthopedics, Audiometry, Plaster Depot and Room, Social Administrative Units. Surgeon Policlinics, Eye Polyclinic. Laboratories on the Floor, Angiography and Endoscopy Waiting Warehouses, Archives


12-Single Bed Rooms of our Hospital. 55 Pcs, Double Sick Bed Room 109 Pcs, Suite Sick Bed Room There are 14 rooms.


13-In total there are 178 rooms, 395 beds.


14- Also in Dialysis Room 21, in internal critical care 5, in coronary critica care 5, in surgical critical care unit 10, in general critical care unit 9, in child critical care 11, in newborn 34 ,incubator 4, general critical care in total there are 44 beds.


15-In our hospital there are 67 Examination Rooms and 30 Support Rooms.


16-Conference Room for 150 People


17-675m2 Lots of Shelter


18-There are 8 general and 2 special operating rooms.


19-5 Unit X-ray, 1 Mr, 1 Mammography, 2 Computed Tomography, 2 Ultrasound, 1 Nuclear Medicine Resonance Imaging, 2 Gamma Camera Room And Angiogram, Visual Field, Eye Angiography, Eye Oil Laser, Bronoscopy, Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Uroflometer , Urodanami, Eswl, Bone Densitometry, Sleep Laboratory, Pathology Laboratory.


20- In our hospital, there are 2 Emergency Fire, 4 Stretcher Service and Human Lift, 4 Human Lifts and 10 Lifts in total. Also there are 1 Monarch Lift.


21-There are 10 stairways in total. One of this satirways is designed as a steel ladder.