30 Kasım 2021


In our institution, health services can be provided to our foreign patients in many foreign languages.

Our main mission is to provide a comfortable and much more comfortable service to our patients who speak English and Arabic languages, just as if they were getting service in their own country. We are able to provide health services with our professional team on both Health Tourism (Health Tourism) and Tourist Health (Health services for visitors coming for tourism).

1. Job Description: Patients applying to our hospital from abroad due to health tourism; To ensure the coordination of work and transactions with admission, registration, diagnosis, treatment, invoicing, discharge, interpreting and intermediary institutions.

2. Duties, Authorities and Responsibilities: 2.1. Personnel Criteria and Job Descriptions

2.1.1. Unit Supervisor/Assistant Responsible: He/she is assigned by the Hospital Manager from among the people who are in the health services class, preferably speak a foreign language, are open to communication and have proper diction.

2.2. To provide general coordination regarding the orientation of foreign patients, transportation, examination and treatment processes, To inform and direct the hospital health tourism personnel and other relevant personnel in this context.

2.3. Organizing and conducting the hospital's promotion services abroad,

2.4. To be in communication and cooperation with foreign institutions and organizations, to carry out the necessary studies regarding bilateral agreements (assistant and intermediary institutions, etc.).

2.5. To make correspondence within the scope of health tourism,

2.6. To follow the studies carried out within the scope of health tourism, to ensure that the necessary statistical data are kept and presented to the relevant authorities when necessary.

2.7. To follow up the complete and correct entry of international patient records by the relevant IT personnel,

2.8. To follow the process of making full and correct accounting records, to inform the relevant people when necessary.

2.9.Patients coming to our country for service; To guide all kinds of work in the process of transportation to the hospital, treatment process, accommodation outside the health facility and returning to the country,

2.10. To communicate with the necessary persons or organizations for the solution of the problems related to the treatment processes of foreign patients, to carry out studies for the solution of the problems,

2.11.To provide an interpreter in the patient's own language, to be informed about all processes and to obtain consent.

2.12. To perform other duties to be given within the scope of health tourism.

3. Meeting Frequency: It meets 2 (two) times a year, more frequently when necessary. When necessary, hospital managers and other hospital staff can be invited to the meeting. Meeting decisions are recorded with the Meeting Minutes Form. A copy of the decision is sent to the Quality Management Unit and senior management.

4.Members of the Health Tourism Unit:

Chief Physician

Hospital Manager

Unit Manager

Deputy Unit Manager

Head nurse

Quality Management Director

Job security specialist

Responsible Manager – Deputy Chief Physician: Exp. Dr. Contemporary DERDIYOK

Unit Manager:

Mehmet Ozkan

Working staff: