Patients And Visitors

1-Welcome to our hospital. It is mandatory to wear a medical mask during your stay in our hospital, and we kindly ask you to follow the rules below.

a-Our hospital meal service hours

Morning: 06.30-07.30

Lunch: 12.00 – 13.00

Evening: 17.00–18.00

b-Service hours for our patients who take snacks


15.00 – 15.30


2-Food service is provided by the floor waiters and your plates will be collected by the floor waiters after the meal.
3-Please do not bring food and drink from outside for the health of your patient.
4-Those who have complaints such as fever, cough, sneezing and sputum production and people with a known infectious disease, people with any chronic disease, people who are prone to infection and children under 12 years of age are weaker than adults, so they should visit the sick as much as possible and stay sick They should not be brought into the hospital environment unless
5-Due to the pandemic conditions, visitors are not temporarily accepted in our hospital, and the relatives of the patients are informed by phone.
6-Please apply to the patient registry for a companion card when deemed necessary and take care to wear your companion card during your stay at the hospital.
7-If there is a need for a companion, make sure that it is the same person and that there is no change of companion.
8-Do not leave your bags, wallets and valuables with you. Our hospital does not accept responsibility in case of their disappearance.
9-You can adjust the air temperature and ventilation amount of the room with the thermostat located at the entrance of the room. However, keep the air conditioner setting on the red line on the thermostat and do not open the windows of the room when the air conditioner is on.
10-Laundry, bags, bottles, etc. outside the window. Do not put materials. Bread, paper, etc., out of the windows. Do not throw away materials.
11-You can get the remote control of the television in your room from the floor nurse.
12-We remind you that the door of the refrigerator in the room should not be left open and foodstuffs that may cause odor should not be placed in it.
13-Turn off any unnecessary lights in your room. In case of malfunction, please inform the service nurse. If there is an unnecessary flowing faucet in your room, turn it off. In case of malfunction, please inform the service nurse.
14-You can ask the floor nurse and staff for help while positioning the bed.
15-For the safety of our patients, take care to accompany your patient while he/she is standing up and walking around, and if necessary, you can take help from the healthcare personnel.
16-When you need a nurse, press the red button on the call system at the head of the bed.
17-When you need a nurse in the toilets, press the red button on the toilet rope call unit or pull the rope.
18-Patient companions and visitors have information about themselves, such as fever, blood pressure measurement, medication request, etc. requests are not met in our clinic. In emergencies, you can apply to our Emergency Service and make an appointment with our polyclinics for your other complaints.
19-The phone numbers where you can reach us after discharge are recorded in your epicrisis.
20-Our rules exist primarily to protect the health of our patients and to provide you with better quality service. Please take care to follow the rules. Thank you for your understanding and we wish you well soon.
21-It is forbidden to consume tobacco products in our hospital. Administrative fines are imposed on those who consume and those responsible for their consumption, pursuant to Law No. 4207.