Our History


  Our History

Our hospital was established in 1967 in Old Mardin (Upper Mardin), also known as the old city campus. Later, with the increase in the population served according to the conditions of the day, a new 150-bed hospital in Yenişehir, the central district of Mardin, was started to be built in 1991 and was put into service in 2005. Our current building, on the other hand, started construction on 08.03.2012, and it was first put into service with 300 beds on 10.08.2015, then Mardin State Hospital, which was our hospital with the transfer of Mardin Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital, became a 400-bed A2 hospital.
Our hospital has a total construction area of 45973 m²; 13285.41 m² of the total plot area (49351.42) is grass area, a total of 2500 trees have been placed. As an open area parking lot, the precedent construction area is 35316 square meters and it is calculated as 1 parking lot per 100 square meters. There are 375 parking lots in total. Our hospital consists of 7 Block buildings in total (a1.a2,c,b1,b2,d1,d2).
Our Hospital (Nuclear Medicine, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Infected Patient, Kitchen Entrance, Service Entrance, Shelter and Parking Lot Entrance, Emergency Outpatient Entrance, Emergency Service Entrance, Main Hospital Entrance, Polyclinic Entrance, Hemodialysis Entrance, Boiler Room Entrance, Morgue It has entrances from 13 points.
There are a total of 5 different applications on the exterior of our hospital: balmoral granite stone cladding with mechanical components, aluminum cladding, mechanical compact cladding, composite cladding, sheathing + plaster.
In the structural landscape of our hospital, there is vacuum concrete application on the roads and pavements, some of the pavements are covered with andesite stone, some of them are applied as vacuum concrete, and all of the road and car park borders are applied as andesite.
Our B1 and B2 blocks consist of basement + ground + 6 floors. Pharmacy, drug store in the basement of B2 block. Clinical Laboratory. Dialysis Hall, Hepatitis b-c patient rooms, Rabies Isolation Room are located in the basement of block B1. Ground + 6 floors are designed as inpatient services.
Our C block consists of basement + ground + 6 floors + mechanical floors. It consists of Worship, Archive, Electrical main panel room on the basement floor, Administrative rooms and a visitor waiting hall on the ground floor. It consists of administrative rooms and visitor waiting halls on the 1st and 2nd floors. There are visitor waiting rooms on the 3rd, 4th, 6th floors. Our 7th floor is designed as mechanical floor (Air Conditioning, Electricity, Ventilation, etc. switchboards and panels).
Our A1-a2 blocks consist of basement+ground+2 floors. On the basement floor, there are dining hall, laundry, shelter, boiler room, warehouses, morgue, (Nitrogen compressed air oxygen, L.P.G., Vacuum Rooms), medical and domestic waste, workshops, modular cold stores. The ground floor is designed as the emergency department of the hospital. It is designed as the Operating Room and Intensive Care Floor on the 1st floor. On the 2nd floor, there are Administrative Offices, Meeting Room, Conference Hall (Op.Dr.Mehmet Ragıp Ekmen for 150 people), Air Handling Units section, Sterilization, Library, Dining Hall, Data Processing, Switchboard Room, Administrative Archive room.
Our D1-D2 blocks consist of basement + ground + 2 floors. In the basement floor, there are KETEM, Nuclear Medicine, Radio Active Medical Waste, X-ray rooms, Ultrasound rooms, Tomography, MRI, Mammography, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Physiotherapist rooms, Gynecologist, U.S.G., Bone Densimeter. There is a Movie and Bath, Massage Room. On the ground floor, examination rooms, E.K.G. Room, Blood Collection, Cardiology Polyclinic, E.N.T., Dermatology, Orthopedics, Audiometry, Gypsum Warehouse and room, Social administrative units. On the 1st floor, there are Surgical Polyclinics and Eye Polyclinic. On the 2nd floor, there are Laboratories, Angiography and Endoscopy Waiting Halls, Archive areas.
In our hospital, there are 55 single patient bedrooms, 109 double patient bedrooms, 14 suite patient bedrooms, a total of 178 rooms and 395 beds.
In addition, there are a total of 44 beds, 21 in the Dialysis Room, 5 in the Internal Intensive Care, 5 in the Coronary Intensive Care, 10 in the Surgical Intensive Care, 9 in the General Intensive Care, 11 in the Pediatric Intensive Care, 11 in the Neonatal Intensive Care, 34 incubators, and 4 in the General Intensive Care.
There are 67 Examination Rooms and 30 Support Rooms in our hospital.
  Also 16 Meeting Conference Hall for 150 people.
Shelter of 675 m².
There are a total of 10 Operating Rooms, 8 of which are General and 2 of which are Special.
5 X-rays, 1 M.R., 1 Mammography, 2 Computed Tomography, 2 Ultrasound, 1 Nuclear Medicine Resonance Imaging, 2 Gamma Camera Room and Angiography,
There are Visual Field, Eye Angiography, Eye Fat Laser, Bronoscopy, Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Uroflumeter, Urodanami, E.S.W.L., Bone Densitometry, Sleep Laboratory, Pathology Laboratory.
In our hospital, there are 2 Emergency Fire, 4 Stretcher Service and Human Elevators, 4 Human Elevators, 10 elevators in total. There is also 1 Monshar Elevator.
There are 10 Ladders in total. 1 of them is designed as a Steel Ladder.