Quality Policy


Our aim is to provide equal, timely, satisfaction-oriented health services that follow the development and change with continuous education, support, measure, supported by the employees, comply with the quality standards and regulations, where the safety of the patients and employees is ensured in our hospital, which was established with advanced technology.

For Our Hospital:

First of all, to respect human rights.
To provide service in line with patient and employee satisfaction and safety.
To support the development of hospital staff at all times.
To provide the best health service in line with laws and regulations.
To continuously improve our work and to reach the quality we aim for.
For Our Employees:

To increase the knowledge and skills of our employees, to create a qualified workforce and to ensure that they become self-sacrificing health workers.
To reveal the potential of our employees by creating a peaceful, sincere, sincere, effective and productive working environment.
To increase productivity by making our employees adopt our hospital.

For Our Patients:

To prioritize patient health and safety by increasing the quality of life by providing the best diagnosis and treatment service for the patient we serve.
To benefit from the scientific management principles of today and the future.
To use the most accurate diagnosis and treatment methods for our patients.
Commit to comply with applicable legal and other conditions.
Not discriminating against religion, language, race, gender and region among our patients and employees while providing health services.
To meet the expectations of our patients to the highest level.
To ensure that our patients, like our employees, participate in the training of our hospital.